How to look great on camera and create a great first impression,
win your audience with your style, colors you wear and confidence. 

In the new digital normal we live in, we constantly participate in video conference calls, give presentations and often conduct first time online meetings.

How to look great on camera and create a great first impression, win your audience with your style, colors you wear and confidence?

This is what this Masterclass is all about.

The Masterclass will teach you how:

  • To get camera ready and not be lost in your wardrobe

  • To organise your wardrobe to keep it simple, elegant, efficient, versatile, colourful and on budget

  • To mix and match colors like in a fun playground

  • To create clothing capsules for all the occasions and travel light

  • To identify levels of business dress for different occasions

  • To use accessories in your advantage to pull together the whole look

  • To tie a scarf in 10 easy ways tutorial

  • To identify your style and cut in a fashion universe for different body shapes

  • To camouflage your body

  • To identify the Cost per Wear and how to shop on budget

Over a 5 weeks course, we will dive together into 5 special lessons:


Wardrobe Organisation

Main Rules to Create Clothing Capsules

Mix and Match Colors Approach

HOMEWORK: create your wardrobe capsule, send a picture


Discuss each participant homework capsule with pictures

Learn from each other experiences, mistakes and improvement

Q & A session


Level of Business Dress

Art of Accessories


Body Shapes: for Style and Cut



Shopping Tips: create versatile wardrobe on budget!

Final Q & A


 Yelena Ganshof van der Meersch 

is a branding and marketing professional working primarily in media production, communication, helping businesses showcase their products and services and boost their performance. Her expertise in technology, innovations, visual marketing, social media, branding, image and public speaking is an essential part for her clients’ development.

As a TV host of “INSIDE TOMORROW” in Geneva, she is also teaching being camera ready as part of personal branding and image. Yelena always brings her impeccable style to the studio and is advising her guests how to look their best and how to win the audience in this new digital normal.

Yelena’s rich international career spans an impressive range of disciplines from the financial and diplomacy sectors to fashion retail and marketing. Siberian by origin, she has over 25 years’ experience living and working in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland. While living in Singapore she honed her image and customer service skills on s start-up project for women’s apparel, developing the label portfolio and transforming the business from a small home sales enterprise to a well-known retail label in Asia. Yelena’s talents lie in working with people of many, different walks of life and culture and helping all her clients find their true calling in life by enhancing their credibility, confidence and performance.

Yelena has a degree in International Economic Relations from Russia and a Master’s degree in Economics from the US.