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Valerie Prasetyo represents a modern female leadership of the 21st century. 

Not only her story is inspiring, but she empowers women from all over the world to become

independent leaders, and build the life based on own terms and conditions.

Valerie is Founder and CEO of Independent Women, a #1 Digital Women Empowerment Platform

in the world that transformed and is transforming lives of individuals who want to obtain freedom on

financial, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Her first major breakthrough was a journey from underdog to winning the world-championship as

an athlete. Her book “Unleash your inner champion” easily became a bestseller on Amazon.

Having overcome painful hardships in her life, she now helps others to connect to their true self

and step into their power, find their voice and thrive in life.

As An Entrepreneur

Valerie Prasetyo is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker,

amazon best selling author...

As A Speaker:

As an international speaker, Valerie provides strategies that turn

winners into champions, and help to build...


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Valerie Prasetyo is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker,amazon best selling author, award - winning leader, Founder ofIndependent Women, a digital educational platform for women tohelp them reach financial freedom, as well as mental, emotionaland spiritual independency.

Holding an MBA degree, her variety of experience reaches fromworking for international banks, owning and directing multiplebusinesses to being rewarded as a world champion athlete.

As an influencer in the women empowerment industry, she focuseson providing women with the essential knowledge and tools tobecome independent leaders, to build up their successfulbusinesses and passive income streams, to create life based ontheir own terms and conditions.
Another part of her work with the clients is to help them to step intotheir real power, stand out in today’s global economy and build adigital brand to generate new leads, get new clients and build acircle of influence.

Through the Independent Women Platform dozens of lives werechanged and transformed, businesses created, relationships builtup.Her vision is to build up a prosperous eco-system for workingwomen, to allow them grow together, share experience, becomeauthentic leaders and to learn how to have it all and that it’senough for everybody!

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As an international speaker, Valerie provides strategies that turnwinners into champions, and help to build a success orientedmindset.
She knows exactly what it takes to go from the bottom to the topand shares the basic principles of success in her speeches,seminars and a published book.

Valerie was taking part in many international events, including
+ National Achievers Congress (Munich)
+ Mega Success (Los Angeles)
+ The BestYou Expo (London)
+ Global Woman (Amsterdam, Antwerp, New York, Frankfurt)
+ and many other.

She was interviewing an A-list actor, John Travolta, about the traits of successful people;
business tycoon, CEO and managing director of Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real Estate LLC, Hugh Hilton, about smart strategic alliances; former right hand of Barack Obama, PR andmarketing authority, Johanna Maska, about technology and blockchain industry and women’s influence in it as well as effective strategies of building a global brand.

Valerie was also sharing a stage with other A-list celebrities like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Christie Brinkley, Betheny Frankel and others.

Speaking Topics:
++ Investment and personal finances
++ Branding and marketing
++ Passive wealth
++ Make your Champion’s Dream Come true
++ Ultimate Principles of Success
++ Authentic Leadership
++ Motivational keynote speeches.

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