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Coaching for Success

Learn How to Become A Coach and Make Money
While Making a Difference to People’s Lives

Do you know there is a HUGE demand for life coaching?

Individuals, business owners, organisations, corporate leaders, executives, entrepreneurs all invest in coaching to advance in their personal and professional lives.

It is one of the fastest-growing industries and is already worth over $7 Billion annually.


Because human connection is the next premium service.
As we emerge into an increasing hi-tech world, we are in ever-greater need of hi-touch.

So how do you become a life coach and tap into this global, growing need?

For the longest time, coaching was a profession reserved ONLY for the select few. But today, ANYONE can learn to become a coach and help people realise their potential and transform their lives.


Whether you are:

• A stay-at-home Mum who wants to have the best of a family AND professional life

• A leader who loves to grow and develop your people

• An executive who is sick and tired of running on the treadmill of corporate life

• An entrepreneur who wants to guide and help others

Join a 12-week quest with Thaddeus Lawrence, an internationally recognised coach who has worked with coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and other high-achieving individuals for over 15 years, and develop the coaching and business skills you need to get started in the world of coaching.

By the end of this 12 weeks, you will:

Go further than you ever thought possible

You cannot be in the business of self-development if you are not developing yourself. To expand possibilities for your clients starts with expanding possibilities for your own self. Be ready for the start of a life changing journey.

Boost your confidence and conviction to coach anyone with any goal

When you are equipped with the mindset and skillset of coaching you’ll have the confidence to coach anyone with any goal. This is because you will be guided to take action on the learning that you acquire and see the results you create for your clients.

• Possess the best coaching tools to deliver transformative change and tangible results for your clients

Thaddeus has assembled a tested and proven toolkit from over a decade of experience for you to get started. You’ll receive the foundational basics, as well as learn more advanced and brand new cutting-edge coaching tools.

• Have the practical tools to create a constant stream of clients and add an additional stream of income

You will receive hand-holding on how to be persuasive in your marketing and taught The 15/3 Clarity CallTM sequence to generate consistent sales. Be ready to have your first clients within days!

• Elevate your impact on the world around you

With your new-found skills to create an impact that is deeper and more profound, the bigger and better you will show up differently in other areas of your life and with other relationships you cherish.

• Be part of a thriving community of support

You don’t have to do this alone. Most of our clients say one of the biggest value they get is to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about who are generous in their support for one another.

• Be undefeatable and unstoppable in your life

At the heart of the outcomes of undeniable mastery in what you do, money prosperity and purposeful meaning is a life worth living. 

Do not deny your calling; listen and live it in its fullest. 




Thaddeus Lawrence is an entrepreneur, trainer, author and one of Asia’s leading and most respected coaches. Over the last 15 years he has travelled to over 20 countries and helped over 120,000 individuals create massive results and achieve financial and personal success.

Thaddeus has made it his life mission to move, educate and inspire people all over the world to be better versions of themselves so that they can prosper in a life of presence, purpose and possibilities. He has been featured as an expert on TV, radio, newspapers, books and magazines.

Thaddeus has been trusted by global brand giants such as Johnson & Johnson, UBS, Prudential, Unilever, Gilead Sciences, Estee Lauder Companies, BHP Billiton and agencies like the International Monetary Fund and Singapore’s Ministry of Defence to coach their senior leaders and help them build winning cultures within their organizations.

Thaddeus has shared the stage with some of the world’s premier business speakers & thought-leaders, including Jack Canfield, Tony Fernandes, Randi Zuckerberg, Blair Singer and Dr John Demartini.


What people are saying about Thaddeus Lawrence:


Senior Vice-President North America & EMEA at PageUp

“Thaddeus has been integral to my personal and professional development since we started working together. Through his calming and confident presence, he has empowered me with the thinking and skills to push the boundaries in all areas of my life. I appreciate his ability to constantly challenge me and to provide insight so I can work through roadblocks and develop myself.”


Regional Talent Director at Sephora SEA

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Thaddeus in his capacity as a coach. What always strikes me is his dedicated commitment to his clients; he listens to your every need and pays attention to the details. When you hit a roadblock, he puts forth a perspective that opens up a new lens for you to explore new possibilities. Thaddeus will be your trusted advisor and best friend; with your permission, he tells you what you may not want to hear but need to know. He will challenge your thoughts – a quality great coaches exhibit – and has this uncanny ability to set you at ease and establish a safe space for you.”


Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

“I've been lucky to have known Thaddeus for many years, dating back to before his amazing ultra-marathon exploits and have had the pleasure of seeing him grow, and leading everyone around him to grow alongside him, over the years as he has become an expert speaker, trainer and coach. Thaddeus has an infectious energy and zen-like humility that, combined with his intuitive grasp of the power of storytelling, makes him not only excellent company in any circle but also a powerful and transformational speaker and coach. I would not miss the opportunity to be in his space anytime, anywhere.”

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