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Read Your Client - Mimik Resonanz

Get an unfair advantage over your competitors

We have not been trained during our youth nor in school how to really build great relationships as you were not trained in

the most important skill you need: Perceiving and reading people's emotions.

As a result of this proven process you will be able to build deeper relationships with your business partners,

friends and family. It will improve your business as everyone wants to be seen and to be heard.

Read Your Client is an Online Training based on Mimik Resonanz®, which is completely based on more than 3500 studies.

It will allow you to recognize people's emotions and therefore gives you the opportunity to react better to your clients inner, emotional process right away. It will give you an unfair advantage because you will see what others don't.

It will become easier for you to build empathy with those around you when you apply these abilities the right way.

This training is great for Leaders, Business Owners, Speakers and Coaches, Representatives, Trainers, Teachers.

In fact, everyone can take advantage of this training as it bridges the gap between classic education and building empathy with others.

"Read Your Client " is an online training that contains 52 modules that are released on a weekly base.

Once you buy it you will have lifetime access, so you can train anytime and anywhere as long as you want and get it.

The training will be an ongoing training as with every new study, the training will be improved and expanded.
It will also include gestures, 
body language, voice tone, language patterns and more. 



As a Bonus you will get access to multiple extra online training tools, such as Body language, Negotiation and Lie detection will be Bonuses as they require special training parts where you can train also to perceive people's Micro Expressions, the kind of emotions that we usually don't see because you are not trained to see expressions of 40-100 milliseconds. This extra training will also train you to perceive things you never saw before, helping you to know when a person might not be honest or feel other kinds of emotions than you thought. 


CHRISTIAN SEMLITSCH - World Champion in Korean Sword Art, Author, Coach, a Speaker-Trainer and a Mimic Expert.

Read Your Client - Get an unfair advantage over your competitors

How Reading Facial Expressions Can Boost Your Business

Christian Semlitsch inspires and motivates audiences all over the world to pursue and follow their dreams in all areas of life. 

He actually has focus areas that he speaks about and trains his audience:

“Her True Voice” where he empowers specifically women to discover their authentic voice, to develop their skills and deliver their gift to the world. 

“Crack The EmoCode” – a program to get over emotional roadblocks and to transform them into monetizable systems. 

“Read Your Client” which is all about improving social skills, based on reading people´s emotions, a scientifically proven concept that helps you to improve your business as well as your relationships.

What people are saying about this program:

"This training is also a Must and a NoBrainer for those who are working with people. It improved my

skills and the ability to see what is going on into the minds of the children and the people I am working with.

I could implement directly and it already improved the cooperation of the whole workplace environment. "

A. Strebel, Educator

"The 'Read Your Client'- Mimik Resonanz Training helps me to uncover my clients underlying emotions faster

and therefore I can achieve better results because people are often not aware of their inner processes and emotional reactions."

Nadine S.Zehe - Coach and midwife

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