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Wow! What a weekend we had!
Full of empowerment, authentic connections, new friendships and partnerships!

And yes, all this is possible during these virtual events nowadays, especially when like - minded are gathering together.

If for any reason, you missed the Independent Women Summit 2020 World - Virtual edition, or you missed some sessions, or looking for opportunities to connect with our speakers and dive deeper in a particular topic, we prepared a short overview of the past two days.

First of all, we need to mention that it was mind-blowing to see people connecting and tuning in from literally all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, Asia, Australia!

As you know the motto of this event was “Create Your Own World” - providing you with the necessary tools and resources, education and insights to start building the life on your own terms.

Therefore we invited the world top coaches with different expertise share their knowledge and wisdom, as well as take you into the journey to bringing you closer to your goals.

Your Network is your Net Worth, and not only financially-wise, but also in terms of the quality of life, with what kind of people you surround yourself and what connections do you build, are they based on the common values?

The event was opened by Veronica Sosa with her passionate speech about “The Power Of Relational Capital” . She shared some golden nuggets about building an empire from scratch using the power of connections and togetherness. And yes there are skills to learn to network efficiently, but the guide that you always need to listen to is in your heart.

We also had a privilege to have a governmental representative, an advisor to royal family from UAE, Ms. Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri whose speech was dedicated to one of the most important topics: “Economic independence of Women”, some complex actions that can be done to collectively support women’s freedom, development and financial independency.

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One of the most enthusiastic and powerful session was delivered by Asian's Top Coach, Thaddeus Lawrence, who joined us all the ways from Singapore: “How To Become A Coach And Make Money While Making A Difference To People’s Lives”.

Thaddeus revealed some secrets of building a sustainable profitable and at the same time full of meaning and purpose coaching business. If you are a coach or you would like to be a coach, who is passionate about helping others using own gifts and talents, there is an amazing opportunity for you to be guided by one of the most successful Trainers and Coaches who helped 150000 people improve their businesses and success in lives.

With friendly support of

We have already mentioned the importance of building network, the question is how to connect and build fruitful relationships with complete strangers during the virtual events?

Some practical exercises were experienced by our attendees during “The Art Of Digital Networking” Workshop with Lusea Lu, as well as during the dedicated networking sessions.

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Not only the human connection is important, but also the connection to yourself and especially to your genetic DNA to understand what you really want.
This is what Dr Marina Bruni, aka The Global Brain Activation Strategist, talked about. She also showed us some of the keys to unlock creative solutions to the problems they’re facing.

Dr Marina is not only a mentor, lawyer, an executive coach, business consultant and international speaker, but also featured as one of the Global Thought Leaders in the movie How Thoughts Become Things, sequel to the hit movie The Secret alongside part of The Secret’s original cast.

She showed us how to connect to yourself and know what you really want in life, how to be able to manifest better and how to unlock your creativity to find solutions to the problems that are holding you back.

For those who are willing to find what you really want, deep down and finally ditch that confusion, frustration or feeling stuck and be on top of things, we are holding a Masterclass together with Dr Marina. Just click on the button on the left to find out more.

Bob Doyle, best known for teaching Law of Attraction principles as a featured expert in the film and book “
The Secret”, discussed with us, what really makes the biggest difference in a person’s ability to create what they want in their lives, whether that’s through utilizing Law of Attraction principles or any other method, and why the success rate with personal development is so low.
He also revealed what you need to do in order to beat those odds and assure your success, such as:

What is truly stopping or slowing your success in ANY area.  

How you’ve been unconsciously “wired” throughout your lifetime. 

How to stretch your “energetic comfort zone” so that you can literally allow more of what you want into your life. 

Why you must FIRST know who you want to BE - before you decide what you want to do or have. 

And the processes for beginning the rewiring process. 

When you want to create your future instead of waiting to what happens to you, it is important to have a clear vision for the future and translate it into an action plan for now.
Rosanne van Zalingen took us through the proven process, that worked for her and her clients to change her life from a victim to an absolute winner, having built her own school in South Africa, being a serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist, natural leadership coach and international speaker. She is also an award-winner and owner of Boosttheworld Foundation.  


“Her vision is to create awakening and enlightenment, and take you on a journey, of global impact and empowerment. To bring humanity and nature together, to create a more beautiful world.”

If you think about making a career now, you will face many obstacles resulting from the current crisis.
Well, don't lose faith, as Linda Pallien inspired us with ways and easy-to-follow principles, how to achieve
career success inspite of adversity. Passionate and renowned for her expertise in Personal & Professional Development, Linda is a World Class Coach. She is best known for developing the “How to C.A.R.E.E.R” system of integrating mindset and consciousness into careers. This is now a bestselling book available on Amazon. Linda was awarded the Diana Princess of Wales award for her compassion and influence in transforming the lives of others.

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A very unusual but definitely useful session was delivered by Christian Semlitsch, a world champion, coach and speaker from Switzerland who was showing precisely “How To Read Your Client” through reading his/her facial expressions. And it is applicable not only to the professional world, but also in private life.

Imagine, how many benefits and competitive advantages can you have through mastering this tool.

Here at Independent Women, we know how important it is to nurture and engage your community. Not only that, we highly encourage our members to build their own community and tribe as well. Therefore we wanted to have one of the best in their field showing us, how community engagement pays off.
DR. Irene Kilubi, strategy expert for community building, brand ambassadors and GenZYX collaboration and lecturer in digital marketing and entrepreneurship for various renowned universities revealed how to engage your customers, so that your consumer communities bring in 23+% more revenue. 



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A very insightful session was delivered by one of the world's top business coaches. Having trained over 14,000 people in speaking and business, Rose Chastain is masterful in unlocking people's potential to produce breakthrough results.
In her keynote "The Truth About Starting A Business", she elaborated w
hy businesses fail and how to prevent this.
Also, she shared valuable s
trategies to build sustainable and profitable businesses.
Being Co-Founder of CSW Business Consulting and Partner, Rose excels in coaching executives and their teams, personal & professional development, and the formulation and scaling of businesses. 

As a Special for Independent Women, CSW has developed an exclusive coaching program "
The Formula For Success" that is tailored to the needs of our community-members.


There is nothing more valuable than Freedom.

IWS’s mission is to help women find their way to financial, as well as mental, emotional & spiritual freedom:

  • To help you to achieve a position in life where you can choose with whom to work, on what, where, and when.   

  • To help you find your way to create a life on your own terms and conditions  

  • To experience all facets of life, be independent, be free, and self-actualized.  




Want to know more about Memberships?
See what our Founder Valerie has to say about Independent Women:


VALERIE PRASETYO represents a modern female leadership of the 21st century.

Not only her story is inspiring, but she empowers women from all over the world to become independent leaders, and build the life based on own terms and conditions. 

Valerie is Founder and CEO of Independent Women, a #1 Digital Women Empowerment Platform in the world that transformed and is transforming lives of individuals who want to obtain freedom on financial, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Her first major breakthrough was a journey from underdog to winning the world-championship as an athlete. Her book “Unleash your inner champion” easily became a bestseller on Amazon. 

Having overcome painful hardships in her life, she now helps others to connect to their true self and step into their power, find their voice and thrive in life.

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