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BAM (Brain Activation Mastery) Masterclass – Level 1

Exclusive live masterclass expressly created for the
Independent Women Summit community

This is a live masterclass expressly created for the Independent Women Summit community.

Valerie and I got together to do some brainstorm about how we can best serve our audience in this summit. We focussed/talked about what the modern independent woman needs in these very challenging times.

And it took me less than a minute to realise that I wanted to offer something special. 

Something that can support and help, and that resonates with our women, our audience, especially in these extremely challenging times. 

We’re living in unprecedented circumstances, unprecedented times and I want to give you all the tools and skills you need to be successful and wealthy. 

Yes, even in these times.

So the idea of this masterclass, modelled on my signature program The Power of Choice: Brain Activation Mastery, exclusively for our Independent Women came to me.

And I’m very excited to bring the BAM (Brain Activation Mastery) Masterclass – Level 1 to you.

There’s no doubt that these last few months have been a challenge for a lot of you, lots of changes to adapt, maybe you've tried to find clarity in this worldwide chaos?

tried to find balance, a new way to be, starting something new, a new project or maybe you don't know. Yes, that's right you don't know what you want.

You want some changes, you know that! but you can't really put your finger and say that's exactly what I want. and that leaves you confused, stuck, frustrated.

And the domino effect on your loved ones, your family, your partner your children …, is even amplified.

Through my BAM Masterclass – Level 1, you’ll learn how to

+ navigate the changes

+ find clarity amidst/in this worldwide chaos/ all this chaos

+ cut through the noise

+ find what you want. I mean what you really want, deep down.

So you can finally ditch that

+ frustration,

+ confusion,

+ feeling stuck,

+ second guessing yourself

+ indecision

+ not-knowing

And you can finally

+ design the outcome you want.

+ Exactly as you want it.

+ And be on top of things,

+ calling all the shots – effortlessly and naturally.

Just like that.

Now, given these unprecedented circumstances and the extremely challenging times we’re in, I want to support as many of you as possible and so I’m offering this masterclass at a very affordable price

It’s a 2 hours live masterclass with me. Full of teaching and exercises. We’ll do practical exercises too – that you can keep doing on your own as well. You’ll have the chance/can ask all the questions you want – it’s an interactive masterclass.

And because I want you to have everything you need to create what you want, I’m giving you also a bonus one to one 15 minutes sessions with me – availabilities to be notified in due course – as my special bonus to you.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that the regular price is an astronomical price that you know you’re not going to pay because I’d drop it off by 90%...

The reason I’m not going to do that is that it’s unauthentic to me. It’s not my style. It’s completely out of my integrity.

And besides, what price can you put to, what price would be appropriate for something, like this masterclass, that is so highly transformative and a complete game changer?

You can’t really put a price to it, can you?

So, the enrolment price to my BAM Masterclass – Level 1

 🡪 2 hour live masterclass +

 🡪 special bonus one on one laser session with me

is £ 97 (+ VAT/admin charges)*

There’s a VIP option, and I encourage you to upgrade to that because it will give you an extra 40 minutes with me before the official start of the masterclass for only £30 more – and it’s a no-brainer. The cost of the VIP option is £ 127 (+ VAT/admin charges)*

*Prices will show up converted to USD

Because I love the action takers, those who make the purchase by September 13th will get an extra bonus: they’ll get access to my recorded interview “The Matrix of Love is the Energy of Creation” where I talk about the power of the feminine and the creation process.


DR. MARINA BRUNI - Global Brain Activation Strategist, Featured Expert in 'How Thoughts Become Things'

Dr Marina Bruni, 
aka The Global Brain Activation Strategist, is a mentor, lawyer, an executive coach, business consultant and international speaker who specialises in brain integration strategies and energy.
She gives her clients the keys to unlock creative solutions to the problems they’re facing.

Dr Marina is featured as one of the Global Thought Leaders in the movie How Thoughts Become Things, sequel to the hit movie The Secret alongside part of The Secret’s original cast.

She is well-known for helping businesses identify additional revenue streams within their existing business through strategic relationships and delegation.

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