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Welcome to the Independent Women Talk

Welcome to the Independent Women Talk

Welcome to the Independent Women Talk


A Talk by Valerie Prasetyo

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Talk Description:

Transform your Way of Thinking. Transform your Actions. Transform your Life. It’s time to Rise, Grow and Stand out!

Welcome to Independent Women Talk An online platform where you can be part of a safe and supportive environment to learn, share, practice self-leadership and build your abundant life, full of wealth, health and happiness. Here you can meet one of the best coaches, mentors, experts, spiritual gurus from different parts of the world and gain some practical tools, life-changing tips, experience aha-moments and tune into your true power. During this new decade, the World is going through the deepest transformation, and people can not live the way they always did. It’s time for the globe to experience a female leadership, grace, and strength.

Yes, as a woman, you do have lots of roles as mothers, life partners, career and business builders, daughters, family providers, etc. But at the end of the day, it is not only about how great you are doing in any of these roles, what level of success you have, it’s all about how you feel. How satisfied are you with the current life, how much joy you get from what you do, how easy-going are you with your daily routine, how happy are you in your relationships with the people next to you, how supportive are you feeling about your surrounding and environment. What are your relationships with your Own-Self?

If there is anything, you wish to change, the best time is NOW! You received a unique Gift - your Life! And it’s your personal choice how you gonna experience it: to celebrate or to be in a survival mode.

Let’s thrive TOGETHER! Become part of the Global Community of Independent Women that are building their life based on own terms and conditions.

Watch our Talks of the Series: Independent Women Talk

If you are a working mom, who wants to experience a stress-free life, Or a mompreneur, who wants to build up a successful business and at the same time to spend enough quality time with her kids, Or if you are ready to step into the path of the financial freedom and want to learn different tools for that, Or maybe you are looking for the ways to rediscover your passion and live the life of meaning and purpose; Or you are going through the process of self-doubt and need to tune in into your internal strength and the power of self-confidence; Or if you are in general interested in topics of productivity, time and energy management, spirituality and meditation, business growth and personal finance, marketing and branding, stress and crisis management strategies, and so much more…

You have the opportunity to watch the Series of the Independent Women Talks, where we will cover these topics.

The Goals: To connect you with your true-Self and show how much inner Power you have; To help you in tuning in into your Grace and shift the way of perceiving Your inner and outer worlds; To equip you with the practical tools that will serve you in different areas of your life, whether it’s finances or motherhood, health or relationships; To simplify your daily routine and bring some sparkle in it; To help you say “No” to everything that does not serve you anymore, and say “Yes” to a new life full of abundance. To teach you how to constantly raise the bar and attract opportunities and people that are congruent with your values and believes;

You deserve to experience the best life, Just tune into the best version of yourself!

Learning Online The main benefit is the flexibility in the learning process. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can always access the webinar. As well as to go through some parts on your own path and speed. There is also an opportunity to join each of the webinars LIVE, and ask questions, actively participate and directly connect with the participants. For that, you don’t need to go anywhere, connect directly from the sofa of your own home.

All the speakers and coaches normally charge thousands of dollars for their content, but for our community, we give you access to life-changing insights and exercises cheaper than Netflix. However, if you want to contribute and give the hand of help to others, you can always donate any amount of funds. It will be forwarded directly to the kids and the families we support. It is a transparent platform, and you will receive a report in the form of the newsletter to see how your contribution changed the lives of others.

Experiencing Live Event

Join the annual Independent Women Summit live event that each year takes part in different countries. Connect with like-minded people from all over the world, experience the unique inspiring environment of thriving and successful entrepreneurs, empire-builders, transformational speakers and constantly growth-oriented people.

More information you can find here:

For any updates and important information, follow our social media pages: Facebook: @IWSWorldwide Instagram: independent_women_summit

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