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Success Story of Farah Moosa : Founder and MD of Neonhive

Success Stories
Success Story of Farah Moosa : Founder and MD of Neonhive

The struggle is real for a woman of color working in an industry dominated by white people. But  for Farah Moosa this struggle has been a part of her entire career and a motivation to start her  own business. Inspired from childhood by her grandparents, Farah developed a fighting spirit that  molded her into a strong business woman that she is today. Her grandparents fought for  freedom of people in South Africa during the Apartheid era and stressed on human and women  rights, inspiring Farah to make a difference. 

Farah completed her Diploma in events and management at the Cape Peninsula University and  stepped into the corporate world at an early age of 21. Struggling initially to make a place for  herself in the events business, she gradually moved up the corporate ladder. Starting from the  humble position of an intern, Farah paved the way for becoming a project manager in a leading  Marketing agency named Colourworks. To break the stereotypes of gender and color she had to  put in extra hours of work and always stay at the top of her game.  



After a successful corporate career of 10 years, Farah resigned to pursue her dreams and start  her own business. Leaving a secure job behind and starting her own business was a huge risk.  But having dealt with big ticket clients during her corporate career helped Farah to create her own  client portfolio. Today she is a founder and MD of Neonhive, a leading Marketing and Events  agency with blue chip clients like McDonald’s and the Click’s Group. Her business is aimed to  create an environment built on values of progressive change and empowerment, and is a true  inspiration for all. 

Neonhive provides tailored marketing solutions across different marketing channels to its clients  to create unique brand experiences. The company is aimed at small businesses who need to  leverage the digital channels for growth. The company also helps students in the events industry  to get hands-on experience and develop leadership skills post their studies.  

Being pushed back due to her color, inspired and motivated Farah to work harder and start her  own business. Starting a small business herself helped her to understand the difficulties faced by  small business owners. This inspired her to help her clients in creating meaningful connections  through marketing channels. Conceptualizing campaigns, strategies, giving directions and  curation of ideas with a golden thread is what Farah thrives on. 


Over the next few years she plans  to expand her business and implement fundamental values of progression to bring out a positive  change. 

We hope Farah’s story inspires you to push the boundaries and make a difference.


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