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Success Story of Asli Muzaffer

Success Stories
Success Story of Asli Muzaffer

I am a serial Entrepreneur, wellness coach, HEALOLOGY practitioner. I am passionate about challenges turned into opportunities, hobbies as startups and disorders as uniqueness. 

My story to create a sparkle of inspiration starts in the 80s  in Istanbul, Turkey. My mother and My father were both entrepreneurs with banking backgrounds. Mother was the first registered woman Bakery owner, and My father had the first luxury bread factory in the country. 

Being Born reverse and with a hip dysplasia to such a loving , supporting  family, creative and dedicated, I have always been a curious, ambitious young girl with the high targets who never saw it as a disability but an ability to develop new skills and  always believed that better I concentrate on my-self-development so I don’t need to chase people or run after them but to make them sit and listen to me . I had enormous support from my family and my lifetime friends during my health struggles, multiple surgeries and self-confidence developing. They never acted different to me but saw the beauty in me and made me see the beauty of being me. 

Of course in life no matter how blessed you are blessed  in your comfort zone when comes the time you need to step out and be battling through bully , getting yourself accepted , accepting yourself . Shortly call it the process of maturity. There I learned to concentrate on winning the war itself and not get frustrated or tired in the battle field winning or losing the battles but coming out as the Warrior princess from the war itself. The Good part of the Process was I chose not to hold Grudge but develop Forgiveness ability and My passion has always been bringing services , comfort and  Healing the people in a way where they free their souls like I freed mine . 

My professional Journey started as a trainee in   a Consultancy and Events management company where I worked with the owner who taught me to be always creating your own works and duties in business before anybody tells you to do .So that teaching became my principle all my business life . 

Finishing University in 1999. I started my professional career in international sales and marketing. I immediately climbed the ladder to a management position in my young age. I use my skill of languages and my communication skills that took me to a remarkable level, and I was relocated by the company to Iraq. Those times were the conflict times, in business the technology and the communications were not so accessible, so we needed to work longer, harder, and more mobilized. Being based in Iraq I was travelling to Europe, USA , Middle EAST and Africa ,during the Gulf war , I was moved back to Turkey as I had to create new opportunities for the company so I relocated to SUDAN which was a new market at that time . I was famed as TURKISH TIGRESS on the news with my success story in the conflict areas (attached news cutting) with braveness. I never worked with the feeling of physical or emotional limitations. While being employed I was always educating myself ,getting courses , updating myself and actively searching for new opportunities not only for myself but my employer and country simultaneously. Starting early helped me to become a young start up and I Started my own firm based in Poland in 2010 , I was running that company and consulting companies in Turkey for their international marketing , Branding , their European Union Projects and Islamic Development bank projects. Afterwards I started another venture in Turkey to be able to help and reach more companies.  Supported couple companies with their Innovative projects. Mentored people for their International business activities focusing on conflict zones as my life itself was a challenge. Working in a managerial position taking massive responsibilities, I always spared time to guide those who are in need including students with hard economic conditions. My double major education and training in teaching allowed me to serve well 

Consistency with hard work has enabled me to become the person I am today with the comfort to manage my own time, be productive and innovative. In my life I always loved myself, loved the moment and never stopped dreaming even daydreaming. I let the little girl inside me with the instinctual love and unfinished energy to remain but I always followed the Great Innovative systems that work most for me especially  my biggest passion of healing people , inspiring soul with my own being. Now my venture is  wellness, wealth  consulting , investment where  we don’t just sell services or products but we guide our clients to become the best of their  potentials, make their money work for them ,we give the worth not the cost. We created HEAL to Health for wellness, STONISH to Astonish for wellbeing. 

Our business Culture is being Consistent, Determined & Dedicated 

I love to work, and I am blessed with a family and a life partner that loves me to work and encourages me to do new ventures. My husband is my business mentor and my business partner. I believe that every woman has the power within herself to create , nurture and transform , Girl to become a woman is exact reformation of the cocoon to become a butterfly and once you are a butterfly you fly, explore, and inspire. Everywoman has their own story, no need to make it a drama but a fairy tale. Mine was a Frog princess who became the Crown queen of high Jumps. Currently I am very privileged to be reaching and mentoring ladies that are working hard in areas of struggle by assisting them with their barriers as knowledge, language and experience. We are successful once we can return values to those in need where we grew.  I always had the massive satisfaction in coaching and helping people in health and wealth. That is why the 6 Step Healology system I am proudly and conveniently practicing for myself and others. I was gifted with Intuition and an experimental life story, I found practicing the Healology system was the best self-investment because it is creating the perception, perception that is the switch of the life . Made me feel the reason for my own being and serving others.  

During Pandemic we have awakened to a time of awareness, time of together we are strong. We have realized that if we cannot move out, we must bring the world in. We must create; we must be in the moment and result oriented. Not only spending, not only saving but also creating and investing. We have seen that women empowerment is so important that every woman has something to learn and to teach, together we are stronger, higher, and more beautiful like the twinkling stars. 

As a woman, a coach I am very proud of myself and I feel Healology practicing is my priority because it is my legacy project. I have always been dedicated and determined as well as very recognized, successful. But at the end people forget what you did even to them but never forget how you make them feel. I created a very unique method of coaching to bring out the best potential in person. Once a person is free of the Barriers built within himself no more seek to be loved, that is a healthy person with happiness and wealth, Happiness and wealth they make their own . It is not perfection, it is perception that matters. Be demanding. 

Welcome to my life 



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