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Speakers: Laísa Barros

Speakers: Laísa Barros

Laísa Barros

This Is Laisa, LLC




Laísa Barros is an afro-descendant Brazilian-New Yorker living in Oakland, CA. She is passionate about design, theater, art and technology. She has been mentoring students and other professionals for the past 10 years. She got her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in UX/UI and Animation at The City College of New York in Harlem. She is now a Production Support Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios. She just recently founded her own company as the CEO and UX Director where she provides user experience research and design consultations as a freelancer. The money goes towards her most recent social impact project to support undergraduate and recent grad students to pursue their passion projects. She hopes to empower more women and BIPOC to pursue their dreams with the knowledge she has acquired over the years.




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