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Speakers: Harshita Chandra

Speakers:  Harshita Chandra

Harshita Chandra

Founder & CEO | 💚Fashion Sustainability Advocate | Industry Disruptor at UN Women




Harshita Chandra, a social entrepreneur, and fashion sustainability advocate has worked in the fashion industry for a decade. Besides her successful career in fashion, she is a graduate in Information technology and used her technological skills in the glamorous industry that helped her grow exponentially. Completing her Masters from one of the premium fashion design colleges in India, gave her the change to work deeply with the best of the industry Export houses, Designer labels, Liason offices, and Internationally. So while working for these huge labels, she found out the huge amount of waste which these industries are relatively not mindful are been dumped into the landfills annually. So she founded an upcycled homegrown label where factory waste is used to manufacture bags and accessories. Since the concept was new and lack of awareness for the idea of sustainability, the brand manufactured a capsule collection for a few designers back then. While constant working for the revolution she figured out that the industry still is unorganized and the chapter of sustainability cant be heard alone. So she came up with the idea of bringing together all sustainable brands on a single platform who believes sustainability is just not a trend but a lifestyle where indulgence in intricacies brings in each product a luxury makeover. Her technological skills came into use when besides creating a sustainable fashion platform, she also integrated science-based solutions into it. The Platform is named as 'upcycleluxe'. Her vision became even stronger when she was selected for UN Women's industry disruptor, WeEmpowerAsia program. The industry disruptor cemented her dream and vision and gave us the boost she needed. Apart from this she also delivers her experiences of the fashion industry globally with young entrepreneurs, fashion students, and industry professionals.




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