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Speakers: Ayu Puspita Dewi

Speakers: Ayu Puspita Dewi

Ayu Puspita Dewi

Bali Blessings




Ayu Puspita Dewi is a Balinese mother, serial entrepreneur, professional interpreter, and nonviolent/compassionate communication trainer;  founder of Bali Interpreting, Bali Blessings, and Connection First. She got her Master's degree in Educational Management and Leadership and has had more than 22 years of teaching and leadership experience in different organizations and companies in Bali, the Netherlands, and Australia within education, business management, and performing arts. With her passion for training, leadership, communication, and public speaking, she empowers women to overcome mental and emotional blockages in order to communicate compassionately. She offers compassionate communication courses for individuals (parents, entrepreneurs, leaders) and organizations (schools, companies), and create spiritual journeys for women.

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