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Speakers: Alexandra Kim

Speakers: Alexandra Kim


Alexandra Kim

Life Coach




Personal development was always Alexandra's sphere of interest. Her way of transformation started from personal lessons with devoted teachers who spent more than 7 years in Tibet. At that time strong inner request brought her to the idea, that something needed to be changed in her life. And changes not from outside but in herself. Being 5 years in yoga and energy practices, life changed a lot. Be more precise, changed perception of life and the way of thinking. But later Alexandra felt that needs more knowledge, more wisdom, more life changes. This desire brought her to study coaching. Not really sure what it was exactly she moved to this field without any expectations. Fulfilled with curiosity and eagerness for changes. She had beautiful changes inside: coaching works with mind, showing real important things, releasing all waste from brain and soul. Together with yoga knowledge Alexandra revealed beautiful person inside: real, natural, free from external circumstances. From that moment she realized that wants to share this knowledge and make difference with the help of coaching towards others.

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