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Speakers: Jamie Jackson Spannhake
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Jamie Jackson Spannhake Author & Work-Life Integration Coach   Founder Lion Life LLC   ABOUT THIS SPE
Speakers: Harshita Chandra
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Harshita Chandra Founder & CEO | 💚Fashion Sustainability Advocate | Industry Disruptor at UN Women upcyclel
Speakers: Lily Patrascu
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    Lily Patrascu Book Publisher, Personal Branding Coach    
Speakers: Laísa Barros
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Laísa Barros CEO This Is Laisa, LLC   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Laísa Barros is an afro-descendant Brazilian-Ne
Speakers: Ayu Puspita Dewi
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Ayu Puspita Dewi Bali Blessings   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Ayu Puspita Dewi is a Balinese mother, serial entrepren
Speakers: Linda Attram
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Linda Attram Mothers In Business  
Speakers: Chrissa and Vicky Tolidou
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Chrissa and Vicky Tolidou Tolidou Education
Speakers: Rosanne van Zalingen
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    Rosanne van Zalingen
Speakers: Bianca Angela Maria Heinl
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    Bianca Angela Maria Heinl Mental- & HypnoCoach - Clinical Hypnotherapist, International Speaker  
Speakers: Mona Tenjo
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  Mona Tenjo CEO/Founder at Work On Your Business     ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Mona helps business owners t
Speakers: Adeshola Onadipe
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    Adeshola Onadipe Ladies In Business   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Adeshola Helen Onadipe is a trained Accou
Speakers: Alexandra Kim
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  Alexandra Kim Life Coach   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Personal development was always Alexandra's sphere of i
Speakers: Valerie Prasetyo
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  Valerie Prasetyo Founder of Independent Women, Bestselling Author, World Champion Athlete and international
Speakers: Natasha Grano
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  Natasha Grano
Speakers: Martina Kodrun
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    Martina Kodrun Internationally Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Founder of Fit&Free
Speakers: Verónica Sosa
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    Verónica Sosa Founder of Business Fit Academy and Business Fit Magazine BusinessFit Magazine    
Speakers: Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner
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    Lilli Rohde and Maike Benner Co-founder MaL!ish, business strategists and consultants, int. speaker, car
Speakers: Michelle Davis
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    Michelle Davis Medical Doctor, Vitality Strategist, Author and the Founder & CEO of VitalBeautyPower
Speakers: Awin Tavakoli
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    Awin Tavakoli Tavakoli Advisory Switzerland   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Awin is a lawyer, business adviso
Speakers: Ann Sieg
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    Ann Sieg E-Commerce Business School
Speakers: Linda Pallien
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  Linda Pallien MyCheerLinda   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Linda Pallien (MyCheerLinda) Executive Coach – Caree
Speakers: Jacqueline Camacho
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  Jacqueline Camacho CEO Fig Factor Media Publishing   ABOUT THIS SPEAKER   Jacqueline Camacho is a visiona

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