We live in an illusion...

Go To Post     We live in an illusion thinking that we have 100 hours per day, making out to-do lists exactly this way, and building our productivity around it. As a result we put ourselves in stress, questioning our effectiveness, and reduce the quality of life. But what if...there is a system that can help you to achieve more during the day while having much less stress. Tune in to our conversation with Jamie Jackson Spannhake @jamiespannhake who is a lawyer, speaker, life-work integration coach, author of “The Lawyer, the Lion, and the Laundry: Three Hours To Finding Your Calm in The Chaos” Join the Premier at 9 pm CET/ 3 pm EST The Link is in BIO!!! #independentwomen #createyourownlife #productivity #timemanagement #stressmanagement #careerwoman #sisterhood
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