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Go To Post     Mindset, personal development and improvement are important elements in getting the results we are working on, however, the way we look, project and present ourselves is also crucial. The first impression can determine if the deal will be closed if you are going to get this very next client. And even if you take part in a regular meeting it all about self-respect as well as showing respect to others. Nowadays, when most of the people work from home, it became a bit challenging to dress up and create a look that stands out. In this video with Jaya Jankert, a wardrobe stylist from Sweden, we discuss some fundamentals to build up your unique look even if you have virtual meetings. JOIN OUR CONVERSATION TODAY WITH @jayajankert AND WITH A SURPRISE GUEST AT 3 pm CET. The link is in bio!!! #independentwomen #createyourownworld #homeofficefashion #style #womeninbusiness #careerwoman #sisterhood #independentwomenlifestyle
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