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🤯Everyone experiences stress from time...

Independent Women Daily Inspiration
🤯Everyone experiences stress from time...
Go To Post     🤯Everyone experiences stress from time to time at work and in personal life. While a certain amount of stress is essential to push ourselves and get things done, excessive stress can result in depression and anxiety.  🧰So here are effective ways to manage stress from this week's Independent Women Toolbox: 💛Identify unhealthy coping mechanisms : Identify unhealthy practices of dealing with stress like over eating, taking out stress on others, over-sleeping and avoid them. They will result in more harm than good. 💛Be physically active : Find ways to stay active, regular exercise, walk in nature, yoga and breathing techniques are a great way to feel relaxed and relieve stress. 💛Build and maintain relationships : Spending quality time with family and friends is a  great way to avoid negative thoughts and worries.  💛Change your attitude : Stop overthinking everything, engage in active problem solving and don't stress on perfectionism. 💛Develop a "stress relief" toolkit : Develop your own personalized toolkit for stress relief, it can be anything from having a massage/spa day, watching your favorite movie, having a bath using relaxing essential oils, to enjoying a hot beverage and so on depending on what soothes your mood. We hope our tips help you to develop better coping mechanisms to deal with stress!😇❤️ #independentwomen #createyourownworld #sisterhood #women #womenleaders #womeninbusiness #leadership #entrepreneurs #toolbox
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