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🧠❓Are you looking for ways...

Independent Women Daily Inspiration
🧠❓Are you looking for ways...
Go To Post     🧠❓Are you looking for ways to improve your critical thinking ability?

🧰Here are some effective critical thinking improvement techniques from this week's Independent Women Toolbox:

💛Don't just take information on authority, even if it comes from a trusted source, use your instincts and investigate questionable pieces of information.
💛Stop making assumptions, and question your assumptions if you cannot resist them in first place.
💛Learn what your biases are and how they tend to affect your response to information.
💛Know all your options and weigh them against each other to come to right decision.
💛Learn from your failures, don't be afraid of them. Understand what works and what doesn't.

We hope these tips help you to enhance your critical thinking power.😇✌️

Daily Inspiration - Independent Women

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